Anatomy and Drawing, 2009-11

Life class "crit"

In 2010 & 2011 I taught an eight-week block running as part of the Keele University Medical School curriculum for 3rd year medical students. This is a "Student Selected Component" in Medical Humanities (in other words, they choose it from a list of options available).  This option has been cancelled for 2012.

Study options within the SSC are: "Illustration and explanation", "Art and Illness", "Imaging the Body" and "Death and Art". The topics - and indeed the Medical Humanities SSC as a whole - are intended to encourage an investigation of art, and the role it can play in enhancing communication and understanding between patients and doctors.
As well as supervising the topics, I ran life drawing classes for medical students and staff.  Interestingly, although the university has cancelled the Anatomy & Art SSC for 2012, 3rd year students have asked for the life classes to continue (although I will not be attending them myself). 
For more on the project, see a-n projects unedited blog.