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The forgotten post - We live with the Land

 I had this all ready to post last month, and then didn't actually do it. Also, I didn't get to see the opening of the exhibition because my car was poorly. "Cyd-fyw â'r Tir/We live with the Land"  A research project conceived by Dr. Veronica Calarco, funded by a Joy Welch research grant and supported by Stiwdio Maelor. I have been very fortunate to be part of this project with a group of Wales-based artists, investigating what 'The Land' means to us.  I am perennially conscious of being an incomer to rural North Wales, and feel privileged to be able to look after a tiny corner of the countryside, so it was natural to me to choose the immediate area around my home for the project. My work as a painter-printmaker derives from my experience of the natural environment, its’ history and its’ people.  I am intrigued by the concept of “deep mapping” as formulated by William Least Heat Moon and by Clifford MacLucas, and the notion that the surface appearance of t

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