Le Chéile in Rhyl - update

This exhibition has now closed! (2010)
It opened in Rhyl Library & Arts Centre on Friday January 8th at 6p.m., and continued until February13th.
Hanging the work was somewhat hampered by the extreme weather: a blizzard on Tuesday 5th. wiped out most of North Wales: 9 inches of snow fell inland during a few hours in the afternoon and even the coast was badly affected. The Arts Centre is about 200 yards from the seafront, and snow fell here all afternoon. On the opening night the air temperature was minus 5.5 degrees on the seafront.

The image shows the invitation to the Opening of le Chéile in Rhyl and is part of a collaborative print initiated by Linda Davies.
A slide show of work and artists can be seen via the Regional Print Centre Fan page on Facebook.