Am relieved to discover that I have survived the recent purge of artists on AXIS, and can keep my blue badge at the side of this blog, not to speak of the advantages of being on an internationally recognised website and having all those useful RSS feeds about opportunities for artists.
I confess that my heart sank a little on receiving the initial communication to say that a review would take place of artists "admitted" before 2005as a painter-printmaker, as opposed to video/installation/performance artist,  I do have periodic doubts about the validity of my work.  I suppose I should have enough confidence to carry on regardless, but it is nice to have the approval of strangers sometimes!  
The Axis assessment criteria are
that work should have:
  • "Distinctive visual qualities
  • A meaningful subject or concept
  • Technical accomplishment or successful realisation of ideas
  • Evidence of enquiry and reflection
  • A critical framework that is 'contemporary' rather than 'modern' "
so that's alright, then.   Although I suspect that all of these criteria are up for discussion, depending on one's point of view - the  first signs of a debate about this are appearing on the Axis Facebook page.