Bingeing on culture? (2)

dia de muertos porcelain skull
From the "Bone" page of the Florence Nightingale Museum website.
 After the Leonardo exhibition in the very grand setting of the Queen's Gallery (where the attendants are spectacularly polite and helpful, and the public lavatories could never, ever be described as mere "toilets"), we travelled south of the Thames to St. Thomas' Hospital and the Florence Nightingale Museum.  I'd never heard of the museum until I read a review last month, although I did visit Tommy's many years ago and was impressed neither by its' ease of access nor friendly welcome.  Even last week, and even though we followed the signs, we ended up walking round several sides of several squares and up and down unnecessary flights of steps before reaching the correct entrance.  As for the friendly welcome, I was amused to see a sign by the A&E department thanking patients for visiting St. Thomas' Hospital, as though they actually had much choice on their 999 call.  However, the nice lady on the museum desk was very helpful, and most concerned that we wouldn't have time to look round before she closed for the day.
The Florence Nightingale is a fairly typical, modern "interactive" museum - informative, unintimidating and with lots of touch screens to press.
"Bone" is a quirky installation of odd objects in vitrines, all relating to bones (strangely enough......).  The equally quirky catalogue encourages you to look closely at the objects while flicking through its' pages to find out what's in front of you.  Newspaper reviews made much of the presence of Florence Nightingales' pet tortoise; well, his empty shell.  Far more intriguing are a sprinkling of chopped vegetation (Knitbone, a.k.a. comfrey) and a pile of white dust ("bone black" -  really?).  Artists and others whose work involves contact with bones will be Appearing Live during the exhibition: details on Facebook 
(My work involves bones - sometimes - but I wasn't asked.....)