New Year's Resolutions

Since it is nearly two months since the last post on this site, a Good Resolution for 2014 would be to work harder at keeping my online professional presence up to date.  However, this would not fit with my genuine Resolution to spend less time on the computer, and spend more time in the studio.
Work in progress is progressing, nonetheless, and a possible new project is in the offing.
There are now three canvases underway for the Welsh/Kurnai project, and we have a name, based on an old poem:  Yr Heniaith yn y Tir - the old language in the earth (more or less).

detail of work in progress: "anadl/cowarr/breath"
And there are thoughts of another joint project with a small group of local artists, based on the resonances of history within the landscape surrounding an ancient burial site and church a few miles from here.
(detail of photograph, copyright Alison Goulbourne 2014, with crown, copyright Clarrie Flavell 2013)