After Corris....

Hmm - the lost post.
Written mid July and completely forgotten.
Eight days at Stiwdio Maelor, followed by a guided walk along the River Dyfi (arranged by Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth) has given me a lot to think about and a lot of potential work to do.
The ideas seem to be dividing themselves into two areas with Time as a common theme:
Firstly:  layers of time past, as shown in the generations of graffiti on the bridges, with the rivers flowing underneath.  Sitting in the pub next to the studio one evening I heard a poignant story about one lad who carved his name on the bridge and went off to war a couple of weeks later.  He never came back.  His name is among 24 recorded on the 1914-18 War Memorial.

Secondly: time present, recorded as "walking drawings" made from a fixed point or points along a specific walk around the area.

Images to follow (I hope).