Down the Dyfi Valley.

Ar hyn o bryd dw i'n gweithio'n galed ceisio ail-ddysgu y Cymraeg - my time is largely taken up with an intensive Welsh language course at the moment, trying to get beyond the rather basic Welsh I learned when I moved here many years ago.  However, I have managed to get into the studio on occasions, and the Dyfi Valley painting has reached the end of the first roll of paper.  I also managed to get a good look at most of it at once, on the floor of the Village Hall, even if I still couldn't unroll all of it at the same time.
A medium sized section of work in progress
It does "read" as a single piece, which is pleasing, as I had to paint it in 2-metre sections, unrolling from the bottom and rolling up at the top.  More work is needed, obviously, and then I'm back to the River Dyfi for the next series of walks.

Dyffryn Dyfi - work in progress