Updates, updates.

I am very pleased to announce the following updates:
1. After much travail, our first exhibition of work from "Yr Heniaith yn y Tir" will definitely take place in Y Capel, Llangollen in August - October this year. Due to various financial matters Denbighshire Arts Service has been pared to within an inch of the bone, and most if not all of the County Library Art Galleries have been closed.  Y Capel in Llangollen also houses the Tourist Information Service, and may or may not be safe for a while. 
2. A new walking and mapping artists' project is underway as part of the Curious Travellers project.  This joint venture between the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies and the University of Glasgow was inaugurated in September 2014, and an exhibition has been arranged in Wrexham in 2016.  The focus of interest will be the travels of Thomas Pennant, a local landowner who travelled extensively in Britain at the height of the "Romantic" era:  co-incidentally, this was a major theme of my B.A. dissertation on the Sublime in landscape art.
3.  I will be taking part in the 10th Anniversary Helfa Gelf Art Trail in September.
4.  Mae'r cwrs Swper Meistroli wedi gorffen, a dw i wedi ail-ddechrau peintio unwaith eto.  The Welsh course has finished, and I am back in the studio again.