Past Midsummer

... where does the time go?
I am not a natural blogger:  I have no desire to share my innermost thoughts with complete strangers, and anyway, I am not convinced that anyone actually reads what I write.  Generally speaking I have plenty of things to occupy my time apart  from composing pieces for the internet.
However, reviewing my website and my Axis entry and my Helfa Gelf page from time to time I notice that the blog does get a few "hits" now and then.
So - what's been happening at Studio Penyrallt? Work for "Curious Travellers" continues, including a fascinating day at MOMA Machynlleth for a symposium to accompany the "Power of Place" exhibition - talks academic and entertaining on writers, artists and travellers in Wales from the Eighteenth century to the present day.  Contemporary Curious Travellers are adding regularly to the blogs on the website

I have been doing a fair amount of walking myself, some of it locally and some of it in Scotland; looking and drawing, collecting ideas (and photographs of odd things).




Some completed work, some reworked pieces, some work in progress; some applications unsuccessful, some pending. And so it goes...

"Olion/Traces" detail