...in progress...

Some rather last minute monoprints for our exhibition in Llangollen next month - mixed media pieces incorporating relief printing, stencilling and lettering.
Background relief/stencil/offset

Since the exhibition is about land and language it seems important to incorporate some form of text: cue the John Bull printing set I acquired last year on eBay (my only purchase therefrom so far).  My own fondly remembered childhood set has vanished somewhere:  possibly donated to younger cousins, or possibly still in the attic somewhere. The eBay "set" turned out to be two - a basic upper case set and a very sophisticated, apparently unused, Printing Machine Mark 5 complete with original ink.  It cost 35 shillings, which was a great deal of money pre-decimalisation; approximately a day's wage in the building trade, according to the National Archive currency converter http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/currency/
So, someone spent all that money on a toy for a child ..... who never used it.  I'm using it.  But with proper printing ink.